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We offer top doller for industrial and commercial machinery.


Dealing Guide

Thank you for visiting our homepage. We prepare in order always to test our stock machine so that a customer can purchase it in comfort. Please feel free to tell our staff for the trial run. Also, we would like you to purchase our product after you are convinced with it sufficiently.
We would like you to pay the price of dealing machine before shipping from our company.

Since our company set up an original transportation division, the payment of additional cost is necessary, however, according to the customer's request, the transportation of purchased product to  the designated place, the installation and the test run are also possible. Please tell our staff when you request.

1. When the inventory information and photograph at our website are differing from the stock machine, the state of the actual product and specification have priority. Moreover, though the inventory information is updated regularly, please understand beforehand when having made a sales contract.

2. Though the trial run is prepared any time, please contact us in advance since you may be kept waiting in sudden coming to the store.
Telephone number
Headquarters: 03-5762-1011

3.Since our handling goods are used, we cannot offer guarantee in principle. In addition to this, the commodity once delivered cannot be accepted the return. Please make sure to confirm your chosen product sufficiently before purchasing it. Also please feel free to consult even about a trifling point when you buy it.

4.The prices of our products present the factory shipment price in principle. The delivery to the place a customer designates, the installation and the test run are also possible, but a special estimate is needed. Also, please inform us of the taking-out scheduled day beforehand when you arrange the delivery.

5.When export to a foreign country is taken into consideration, there are countries where you can export and you cannot. Please consult with our staff in advance. Furthermore, we can specify a port, do shipping, and customs clearance for you in case of export to foreign countries, so please let us know beforehand when you need.

6.Although we prepare for those who will purchase products from overseas to confirm the state of machine by animation, we recommend you to confirm the actual product. Please understand beforehand that we do not accept returned goods and do not have the guarantee of foreign manufactures in principle. In addition to this, because we confirm the actual products, necessary documents for VISA issuance to an overseas customer are not submitted, please visit Japan after acquiring VISA in person. We would like you to inquire the consultation of VISA issuance to Japanese embassy and the consulate in your country.

7.In case of the purchase from overseas, please pay by the T/T cash in principle before shipment. We would like you to consult our staff in charge about other payment methods.